Chique ABBA Tribute

Established in 2009, – Chique ABBA tribute band (AKA ABBA Chique to their fans BAND WEBSITE ) have since become one of the most sought after tributes in the country, regularly performing sell-out shows all over the UK and abroad.

Their version of Waterloo has recently surpassed 1 Million views on YouTube and is still attracting the masses of ABBA fans.

Made up of pro musicians with a wealth of experience in the business, the band pride themselves on their authentic ABBA sound and look, providing a professional, polished show – popular with all ages of audiences.

​All the glamour & glitz of a real ABBA concert, with stunning costumes, made with attention to detail of ABBA’s original designs, and a powerful stage presence full of energy and fun, you’ll feel as if you were back in the 1970s!


The bands own documentary is a fascinating look behind the glitz and glamour of being in a tribute band (see video). Features some real “behind the scenes” action. So captivating, its becoming one their most popular videos. It will take you on an emotional journey. The video is skillfully edited by Ainsley. An absolute MUST watch.